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Injury Rehabilitation

You injured yourself on your favorite ski slope, or perhaps doing something as mundane as tying your shoe, either way, now you hurt. Because of this pain, you are side lined from doing those things you love doing and can’t wait to get back out there. You may be feeling great amounts of pain and discomfort right now and probably wondering, “Will I ever get better?” The good news is we can help decrease your pain quickly and also strengthen those key areas that will limit the chances of this injury happening again. This will allow you to start moving better, with less pain and get back to doing all of the things you love to do.

“I recently came to HSS in such acute back pain, that it was difficult to walk upright. I felt immediate relief and increased mobility after my first appointment and was so happy that HSS helped solve my problem quickly and I was back on my bike in no time.” – T. M.


Weekend Warrior

You’ve been feeling some nagging discomfort that just isn’t letting you perform at your peak potential. While the pain is not stopping you from working out, you want to feel better and see the full benefits of your training. The good news is that after taking you through an evaluation, we can focus on the key areas that are causing your discomfort and by treating these areas, your pain will decrease and your performance will improve. As we work together, we’ll build a treatment plan that combines in office treatment with at home exercises to expedite your recovery.

“Not your traditional chiropractor, HSS is so much better. The exercises help build strength and the visits are more than just 5 minutes of quick adjustments. I fully recommend.” –K.C.


Pain Relief

From time to time you get that nagging pain that responds well to our treatments at HSS but it keeps coming back every few months. We know this is very frustrating and with your busy schedule, it is hard to find the time for treatment and still get in your regular exercise. By checking in with us every 1-2 months, we can limit the likelihood of this pain coming back. We will keep improving your posture and your strength with great corrective exercises that you can add into your normal routine. This will leave you feeling stronger, noticing less pain and allow you to keep up with your active lifestyle.

“Dr. Weimer is the BEST of the BEST! I have been to many chiropractors and he is honestly my favorite!” – L.U.