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About Beth

Beth Henderson, CPT, LMT

Beth has been a personal trainer and massage therapist for over 6 years. Combining both disciplines and her love of the human body, Beth is able to approach training in a different way than most.

Being able to see dysfunction in movement patterns and chronic muscular imbalances always inspires her fitness programming. Beyond that, Beth’s main concern is promoting strength and energy with her clients. Losing weight is important, yes; no one can deny the effects, both physiologically and emotionally. But feeling strong and empowered, keeping up with your kids, and hiking around our beautiful state without pain are higher priorities for her.

Growing up, Beth spent every season playing a different sport, whether it be soccer, basketball, or softball. During college, she transformed into a gym rat and discovered the arts of bodybuilding and power lifting. Throughout the following years, she tried her hand in marathons, figure competitions, and most recently, Crossfit. Whatever it may be, Beth is always up for sharing her love and passion for fitness with others.