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Chiropractic Adjustments/Manipulations

hss-chiro1Chiropractic adjustments / manipulations are primarily performed at Highlands Sport and Spine using a hands on approach, but in some instances instrument assisted manipulations may be used as well.

The reason for performing an adjustment is to improve joint mobility (motion) or free up areas of restricted mobility within the joints of the spine and extremities. This lack of motion within a joint can lead to various issues ranging from painful movement patterns, dysfunctional movement patterns and altered nervous system activity.

Adjustments can be performed using various techniques ranging from the quick, low impulse thrusts that most people associate with the “crack,” to gradual low force oscillations and instrument assisted adjustments. Applying these specific adjustments to the joints of the body allows for improved biomechanics and movement capacity of the body, usually decreasing pain.

Every patient we see is unique and because of this, not everyone receives or needs the same types of adjustments. A thorough exam and diagnosis is completed during your first visit to ensure which treatment option is best for your condition.

The types of chiropractic techniques offered at Highlands Sport and Spine are Diversified, Gonstead, Thompson, Activator and Flexion-Distraction.