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Personal Training and Functional Exercise

Personal Training and Functional Exercise are used at Highlands Sport and Spine as part of the rehab and performance process. We believe that functional movement is essential to achieve long lasting results, decrease pain and get your body moving at its optimal level. Dr. Weimer, Beth and Rachel are all trained in Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) techniques which are utilized on a daily basis with clients.

We incorporate functional movement techniques and education in our chiropractic visits and offer personal training to help keep you doing the things you love outside of the office:


Private Training (1:1):

45 minutes: $50


Group Training (2 – 4 people):

45 minutes: $20 – $25


Bootcamp (November 13th – December 22nd): 1 hour long classes / 3x per week

Drop in: $15

Punch card (10 classes): $100

6 week camp: $140


Contact Beth at to schedule or call us at 303-955-5994.